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Ultima is once again in a new total profit high –



This year is again close to 1000%, as all previous years, making the system as stable as it can get.
For those of you who were unfortunate to enter at one of the profit highs, you are also finally in profit. But it is irrelevant at which point you enter, since it is a long term system, and every year, you will see a great profit.
My account went from 2380 eur to now staggering 26100 eur, proving just how Forex trading can be profitable.



We had this year only 1 negative month. 3 months around break even. And 6 months in profits. Every year we have around 2 huge profit spikes, like we had in 2019, and 1 so far in 2020, so it is expected to get another one soon. It is great to see that system behaves the same for years now.

Since there is a huge influx of new clients, and I am doing my best to handle you all, I will need to increase prices, most likely from the start of 2021. And for profit share, further increase in minimum investment. It is also possible that I will altogether stop receiving new clients during 2021., but you will be informed in advance.

Thank you for all your e-mails I received. I’m really happy about your compliments and that you are so pleased.

Mislav Nikolic
Bull Capital

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