Ultima EA & Rush EA results 3.12.2020.

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We are finally out of long-range, which started last summer. That is not relevant to Rush, which is a much faster system and it works on a lower time frame.

But Ultima is a pure trend system, which of course needs a trend to progress. That’s why I am so excited about next year since Biden will move the price a lot.



Most profitable Forex Robot


Current profit for 2020: 491%
Total profit on my live account: 591%


Since Ultima EA is a long-term system, the positive side of it is that it provides steady long-term profit each year, but the negative aspect is that profit is not equally distributed. So as we see here, all profits for 2020 was in the first half of the year. So clients which entered at the second half, didn’t earn much or are even likely in a drawdown.


Since we are out of range, the system started with recovery and from the last 5 trades, we have 4 wins.

Also, one thing is very important. Many retails are pretty afraid of drawdown and lack patience for a long-term system. Forex is like trading stocks. For stocks, you need to wait a few years to take a profit. So why being so impatient with trading currencies?  Observe in the next picture the ratio between profits and drawdown.

I risk 56% of the account to gain 591%. Which is more than reasonable. I understand that those of you who entered in the second half of the year only observed drawdown, but wait for a full year, and your account will most likely recover and start gaining profit. Of course, I cant predict how the market will move since we need a trend with Ultima, but like I already said, I’m very optimistic now that all that mess with Trump and the vaccine is behind us.



Best Forex Robot in 2020


Current profit (account started mid August 2020): 177%


I am very happy that Rush proved backtesting results. I am having totally the same results as in years of backtesting. Proving again how the system was made in a logical way, and not to optimize settings on past results.


Mislav Nikolic – Bull Capital

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