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I received so many e-mails from you, about when will RUSH EA will be available for rent.
But after EA was made, and backtesting was complete, the final stage before introducing a system to my clients are always forward testing, meaning live trading. That phase I consider now complete since there were no bugs or abnormal behavior in real market conditions.
Forward testing lasted for 3 weeks, during which time I gained 21% profits. Sadly, I missed a great win streak at the very beginning of September. But the month still turned great.
The win rate was 71%, which is very close to long-term backtesting results (76%).

Here are backtesting results by risk size, from 1.1.2019. until now.




This is my live account I started 3 weeks ago with 6000 eur.

RUSH EA rent prices


1 month – 249 eur
3 months – 549 eur
6 months – 899 eur

*Obligatory going to Key to Markets, except for US clients, and from countries that KTM don’t accept.

US clients prices and from countries that KTM don’t accept:
1 month – 349 eur
3 months – 749 eur
6 months – 1249 eur


RUSH EA will be open for rent from 1. of October over


Mislav Nikolic

Bull Capital

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