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Rush EA uses a newly developed trading algorithm, as well as our custom-made indicators which can detect range from the trend. It works best with EUR/USD 5 min. Long-term live results show that you can gain over 100% profit with extremely low risk for your account. That is why all social trading platforms are putting Rush EA on top lists.


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Award-winning Forex EA

2 Years of LIVE results, with outstanding performance!


trend system (no grid, no martingale) dynamic take profit moving stop loss stealth pending orders advanced risk management

Professional software of the highest quality

Fully Automated. Using the author’s algorithm, the robot analyzes the market and finds the breakouts and the trend. Easy to use. We have created an Expert Advisor that is easy to use – put it on the EUR/USD 5 min chart, enable automatic settings and make a profit. Online Support. 24/7 support services are there with the sole purpose of supporting you. 30 days FULL REFUND

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42 reviews for Rush EA

  1. Sean

    Simply to use, just download and forget. Cool! Really cool!!!

  2. Robert

    just wonderful results!!

  3. Charlie

    I have to admit i have never seen a robot using an algorithm using RUSH EA before. Thanks to whoever invented it!

  4. Zabac

    Thank you for RUSH EA. You are my idol indeed.

  5. Lucas

    I have been using RUSH EA for over 6 months and I am very happy with the income.

  6. Dario

    First of all thank you Mislav for the good advice and mentorship. and secondly, you made a monster 🙂 as you say. Let RUSH call us for years to come: D. Greetings from your student Dario

  7. Mario B.

    What I gonna say , Words is not enough Thanks

  8. Sabri Satoshi

    Good deal Mislav! Rush is amazing.

  9. Klea

    I first read about RUSH EA in an article on a financial portal and then after a week a friend recommended the same thing to me, knowing that I was looking to invest money somewhere. I wasn’t exactly for it because I don’t understand forex, but he’s been trading this system for over two years with ingenious results, and that’s the only reason I dared. After three months of trading, I can say that I am very satisfied 🙂

  10. Hektor

    I just bought a subscription. Sounds very promising by what I saw behind this robot. I can’t wait for the first year of trading to pass

  11. Craig

    I’m an old customer. I used the Ultima first, and then I switched to Rush. Although I thought nothing could surpass Mislav’s previous system, Rush is a miracle robot. I just extended my one-year subscription, so I wanted to write a review when enough time had passed and I was sure of good earning. My compliments!

  12. Elias

    I just wanted to tell you thank you. Many greetings from Sweden

  13. Luka

    thank you thank you thank you

  14. Fabricio

    I really appreciate your work, Mislav.

  15. Milan

    Thank you so much for so much dedication to me as a customer, and chocolates for the best customer service :). I have driven your crazy with my endless questions, thanks for every patient answer. I have been a user for over three years. I am currently using Rush, and I am extremely pleased with the profit. This is the only robot I don’t dread and I feel like my account is in safe hands. Greetings to the whole service from your Milan

  16. Muhamed

    I just want to say you’re a genius.Rush gave me more than I expected. For now, 206 percent of profits. I hope it will continue like this: D. Thank you

  17. Joe

    I have been a client for only 3 months and maybe it is too early to write a review on such a long-term system, but for now, this is the first robot that I am not afraid will destroy my account. And that’s a big deal already. I heard about RUSH over the recommendation, and started trading with a small stake since I still like to be careful. For now, I have only words of praise.

  18. Salih

    It is amazing and gives me hope to continue forex, otherwise, I would have dropped forex trading any longer. So far I have 73% profit after less than 9 months of trading. It is the first such robot so far. Everyone promises a lot more, and the only thing I got was a minus on the bill.

  19. Anita

    this is perhaps the most beautiful feeling in the world. Wake up in the morning, drink your first morning coffee and know that your account is not only safe, but also works in your favor. For now, I’m about 120 percent in the plus.

  20. Patrick L.

    unique robot

  21. Adnan S.

    This blow my mind. rush rule! I have been trading for over 10 years. one of the few quality robots on the market.

  22. Mirko

    RUSH is a bomb I didn’t expect. Not in such a good way. If everyone in the market could be as transparent and honest as you, there would be so much more success stories

  23. Jim

    Very refreshing, well done.

  24. Luisa

    Wow! Fantastic! Your robot should cost million bucks. Thank You Very Much!

  25. Jeronim

    WOW! RUSH EA really ROCKS guys !! Look no further !! You are lucky to have come across this robot

  26. Philip

    I was skeptical after using many EA’s. I picked yours because mainly of good LIVE results and Rush really proved itself already. Please keep up the good work!

  27. Sandi

    Great work like other Mislav robots

  28. Elias

    will my dreams come true? for now i have been using rush for eight months, and i am very happy with the profit. sometimes it’s like I’m dreaming, so I guess I’m afraid to wake up :). You’re doing such a good job, Mislav

  29. Scott

    I have to admit that I somehow expected more even though it may be too early to say. I bought a subscription two months ago, and although i am in a small profit, i was hoping to at least raise the bill by 40-50 percent by now. I bought a one-year subscription, we’ll see what else happens.

  30. Sanela

    I don’t know yet if RUSH works well, I just bought a subscription. But I know for sure that this is the best customer service in the world.

  31. Marcel

    Dear Mislav,

    thank you for all your dedicated work and for giving me hope when I really needed it. I am now at 58% profit after 6 months of trading with RUSH EA. Amazing!

  32. Howard

    It’s great robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Noah

    For the first time I see a high level of transparency in EA. I extend my subscription 3 times. And yes, you have the best server on the market

  34. Issah

    This is one such clever robot. Anyone who understands forex (I mean really understands) will know what I am saying. I looked at the algorithm behind it and I can only say, this is an innovation that will change everything. I am especially glad that the robot is using stop loss. I bought a subscription and can’t wait to start trading.

  35. Mark

    This is first software that is shown live trading i spend over 5000$ so far on other ea. I am so grateful that I have finally found a system with which my capital has finally returned.

  36. Gita


  37. Lucia

    Very interesting strategy!
    Excellent win/lose ratio with very low drawdown. I looked at how the system works and i have to really congratulate on such an original strategy. Greetings from Italy. Lucia

  38. Simo

    I know Mislav through his webinars and forex academy, and I have been using RUSH EA for over two years. I am so grateful to you, as well as to the entire elite currense team. God bless you

  39. Musulin

    200% in two years !!!!!

  40. Amir

    Even though I started trading with a minus, after a year and a half of trading I can say: great robot, great customer service! I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

  41. Martin

    Hey MIslav,

    Thanks first of all for the transparency. What you are sharing with us is super great! Rush is a super smart system. I invested a lot, but I wasn’t wrong. I hope this is my retirement path, hehe.


  42. David B.

    maybe this is not a system that will be satisfied with those who expect to earn a fortune in a month (and I myself have already requested a refund after nothing significant happened in a month), but when I saw what online results happened within the next 6 months, I regretted it. then I took the rush subscription again and have been using the rush for over a year now, and I am overjoyed with the profit. more than 100% of the profits for me was something completely unreal. thank you thank you

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