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As expected, since the market situation is returning back to normal to pre covid era, we are experiencing profit booming as before with all my systems. Only a few of my clients are with just minor drawdown left, but most are in the green zone now. Those who withdraw most of the money and are trading with minor sums now, are logically still in the drawdown.

I will repeat what I kept repeating all these times. All my systems are long-term. I am not interested in fast results. Fast results bring too much risk. I made my systems for professionals and I trade my own money with all my systems. I cannot tell you how much, but I am an institutional trader. I become one because I learned to be patient and not jumping from system to system every few months.

Now let’s see how are all systems going in 2021 so far.


Ultima EA 15min 5% risk



As we can see, my account is almost back to total high, currently at a staggering 927% !!

January was around 0, and then a big reward came for all those who were patient. 40%+52% profit!

Ultima EA 15min 1% risk


Observe several things in this image. The ratio between profit and risk. 78% profit for only 11% risk! Also, observe how the graph followed the usual forex patterns. We had trend, then bullish falling wedge pattern, then trend again, then range formation, and now a bullish break of range. Lovely! And more important, the system is now almost 2 years live, making it a long-term profitable system.


Ultima EA 1 hour


This is my crown system, but currently, I was offering it only to the funds, because it is just too slow for retails. Please check the ratio between the profit and drawdown. 105% profit for super small 8% drawdown. It is also now long-term live. Backtesting was done for 10 years and every year was very profitable and steady. I plan to start offering it to retails also during the spring. I received already few offers for it, but please be patient and it will be available soon enough.


Rush EA



The system was pretty much in the range from the time I introduced it. I cannot blame it, since the market was behaving so erratically. Now we can also see our reward finally. My account is almost 90% up now. Still not too happy since we experienced large drawdown before (within usual parameters for this system and risk size). But I personally put around 12k to all my Rush accounts and risk sizes into it, so I have high hopes for it.  Go go Rush!


Final word


These are very exciting times for me and for my clients. I must say, nothing brings me more joy than to make my clients happy. I am not in this business short term, I am building my client base steadily. In 3 months from now, I will be exactly 5 years in Forex, making me among only 0.2% of traders that made it that long.  I am happy that you are now on this ride of success together with me.

I will soon publish one major news and an awesome product I’ve been working on for many months now, so stay tuned!


Mislav Nikolic

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