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Hello traders

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. The main reason for it was my work on a new system and EA.

There is a couple of news I will now write you about. I am happy that most of you are still trading with Ultima or/and Rush system, either through rent option or PAMM. As you can see, the reward came.

Now let me cut the chase and tell you about the news.


Ultima is officially #5 forex system on Darwinex, among 3601 systems!


On lower picture, you can see the profit graph with 1% risk. System just break out of range and made new high. Pay notice that with higher risk, we still didn’t break the range but are on the way of doing so soon enough.

Shifting of PAMM risk from 3%, back to 5% risk


As Ultima is making excellent progress through 2021. , I decided to put back risk to 5%. If I didn’t change risk to 3%, most of you would be out of negative balance already, but I wanted to keep your money safe and lower the risk once the system broke its own maximum drawdown.



Mislav Nikolic

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