Bull Capital concluded negotiations with a Hedge Fund!

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After many months of negotiations, which included GFO banking fund, ECS Elite Currensea, and Bull Capital, I am happy to announce the finalization and signing of the agreement between all parties.
GFO (Geneva Family Office) is a wealth management firm, which holds many clients and assets. Forex is just one of those assets. I am more than happy that they recognized my systems as trustworthy and profitable.

Also, I would like to thank Elite Currensea for smoothing the negotiations and to help to finalize the agreement. Special thanks to Chris Svorcik and Mykyta Barabanov.

I will soon publish more materials from GFO fund, and invite clients to trade from their platform. But, current and future clients can also trade as they are now. I am simply adding more options for the traders.

This means a lot for my systems and myself, since I am shifting focus more and more to the professional traders, banks, and funds. I will continue to support the retails in the following years also, since it brings me great joy to make clients happy.

Clients with a larger investment in Ultima and Rush, might consider moving their investment under GFO. They are under the umbrella of IG broker. Swiss banks are one of the most secure in the entire world. In the following weeks, I will publish more materials, on how to trade over GFO, with my systems.

Kind regards,
Mislav Nikolic

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